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Sunday, April 18, 2010


OK. Here goes braidout attempt numero dos! LOVED it. I've been searching for the perfect natural style that makes me feel just as fly as when I rock a fresh press and by golly I think this one's a keeper! Turned out exactly how I wanted it to from day 1. Big. Full. Fluffy. Shiny. Great definition. Lots of compliments!

By day 3 tho, I made the mistake of going into the loo to take off my head scarf too quickly after a steamy shower. All hell broke loose atop my head! I still tried to make it last but my ends became so dry! That's mos def a deal breaker for me so... Tonight I guess I'll give it another wash to get ready for anotha sexy sassy bangin-ass braidout! ;o) YAY!!!!


Anonymous said...

Your hair is so beautiful! What did you do differently from your twist out to your braid out as far a moisture and how do you achieve all those waves in your bun? I have been following you for months and can't believe your growth! Glad your back...

Tia said...

Now THAT is one HAUTE braidout!!! Loves it!