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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Month 18 Progress Report!!!! Woooooo HOOOOO!!!

About a month ago I celebrated a very important event in my natural hair journey.... That's right! Month 18 biotches (since the big chop-a-roo)! Yeah! I am hella hyped! In the above pic, my hair is a little longer than what you see... my hand is holding the end of my hair but I couldn't get a good shot of the entire length and hold the camera at the same time. Sorry. :( But I must say, I'm pleased as punch. I can see real progress and I'm FINALLY beginning to see some light at the end of this raggedy arse tunnel. When I say raggedy, I'm referring to the fact that I've been wearing this stankish, raggedy arse wig as my protective style. I can't stand it but ya know... sometimes a kinky curly chick's gotta do what a kinky curly chick's gotta do (to achieve growth, that is)! I'm just ready for my hair to grow back so I can ditch the hair hat, ditch the cornrows, my hair can finally breathe, and I can be alittle more relaxed with my styling routine. Happy to say that by the looks of it, I'm well on my way :)


God's Flame said...

Wow your natural hair is so nice. Do you have any more pictures and information on how you transitioned? I'm transitioning now and would like to do so without having to chop off all my hair. It's a little past shoulder lenght relaxed and I have almost 3 inches of new growth, for going 5 months without my relaxer. I need all the help I can get!

Lovely Lady Luxe said...

@ God's Flame- Aaaw, thanx for the compliment girl! I get alot of questions about transitioning so I'ma see what mama can cook up for yawl! ;)