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Friday, January 16, 2009

Month 16 Progress Report

Well, it's time for me to check back in for my Month 14 Progress Report. At first I was getting a bit antsy, feeling like my hair really didn't grow as much as I'd hoped for this time around... that is, until I saw the progress pics. Alright, alright... I take it back. In only 2 short months I DID in fact experience considerable, VISIBLE growth. That's whassup! Ya see, a few months back, my hair barely covered my ears (marked by the pink line). Now my hair falls well below my ears! But man... it just really makes my butt itch... ya know, the fact that it's SO hard for me to show you the progress... The longer my hair grows, the shorter it looks (yup, shrinkage is still a biotch!). And nope nope nope, straightening it is def not an option (atleast for now). I guess for all of us kinky-curlies trying to achieve growth, we just gotta stay positive, be patient, stay consistent with our routines, and try not to get our panties in a bunch! Happy Growing, ladybugs!


BoingBoing said...

Yea, your hair sure has grown! Why not do a banded ponytail? That helps visually to track growth.

DeDe said...

I noticed the same thing when comparing a late summer pic to a pic from Dec. Comparison shots are great. Keep doing what you're doing!!