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Sunday, December 28, 2008

The "Slow-Growth" Blues!

While you're growing out your hair, once in a while you're destined to hit a dry spell. It's those couple of months, weeks, days, or any sustained period of time where your hair says "to hell with you" and just WILL. NOT. GROW! And while the truth is that your hair really IS growing, it can still be frustrating and it's easy to get discouraged. Here are some tips to help you stay motivated and to shake those "slow-growth" blues!

  • 1.) DOCUMENT- Take progress pics to remind you how far your hair has really come.
  • 2.) DON'T TRIP!- Just chill out and restrain yourself from the urge to measure your hair everyday. That doesn't encourage growth, only insanity!
  • 3.) OUT OF SIGHT, OUT OF MIND- Wear a protective style and keep it in for a while. When you let your hair down, you'll be sure to see improvement.
  • 4.) PUT HEALTH FIRST- Focus on healthy hair before length. The only thing worse than hair full of split ends is long hair full of split ends. (HOT MESS!)
  • 5.) LOVE YOUR HAIR- Accept your hair for the length it is and for what it is right here, right now (It'll make your hair journey all the more sweeter).

1 comment:

Black girl with long hair said...

lol, this is perfect. i have had the "slow-growth" blues multiple times, and these instructions are the best way to get over them...