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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Singer Lloyd: Fa' sho OR Hell to the No!

Hey Ladies! I know you'll be happy to hear that R&B singer/heartthrob Lloyd just released the first single of his latest cd. His newest joint, titled "Girls Around The World", features Lloyd rocking a hot press that any girl could envy. Surprisingly, this has lead to a very heated debate concerning men and straight hair. Would you date a brotha who wore his hair long and straight? I'll admit, Lloyd does look somewhat handsome but... I don't know yawl! I mean, if my man has to borrow my Chi flat iron or my silk scarf to wrap his hair at night... WE MIGHT HAVE A PROBLEM! Next thing you know he'll be asking to borrow my false eyelashes, silk pantyhose, and 4 inch leopard pumps! I think not! That's doing just a bit too much for me! Check the video and tell me what YOU think.

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