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Friday, August 8, 2008

Scandalicous: Did L'Oreal Make Beyonce "Whiten" Up?

L'Oreal and the company's longtime spokeswoman, Beyonce Knowles, is currently under fire! In their latest magazine ad, the cosmetic giant is being accused of digitally altering Ms. B's features in order to achieve... well... shall we say, an overall "whiter" look! Now let me see here... Honey-blonde hair? CHECK. Pale, white skin? YUP. Long, straight, suspiciously angular nose? YESSIR! Ok, I think they just might have a case! The thing is though, I don't think she really looks drastically different than any random photo or video I've seen her in. Ofcourse, L'Oreal vehemently denies it and insists the charges are "categorically untrue". I'm more concerned about that thick-arse, 50-pound lace front wig she has on! Now, THAT'S scandalous! Anyhoo, compare the new L'Oreal ad (left) to this previous pic (right). What do you think?

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