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Sunday, July 13, 2008


Here's a pic I was able to dig up. I just had to laugh at myself here ... I was seriously rockin the "Repunzel" look in this pic! People often commented on my length but I guess I didn't realize just how long my hair really had grown until I saw this. It's probably because pretty much all year round I would leave my hair in a protective bun and not really pay attention to it. It felt kind of like I had short hair. Then when the weather cooled down I would give myself a hot press and all of a sudden I had all of this hair magically appear on my head. People were baffled!

While it's important to maintain a good hair regimen, it's equally important to just relax and let your hair do its thang-thang. Like I said, besides following my basic regimen, I barely paid any "extra" attention to my hair. I don't even know how long it was because I never bothered to measure it. I know yawl are probably looking at me like, "Whatcha talkin bout, Willis!", but allow me to explain. The growout process becomes long and frustrating if you are constantly measuring your hair, just sitting there watching it, waiting for it to grow. So like my homeboys,the Beatles, used to sing it, just "Let It Be"! (They sang that, right? lol!)

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AngelaMichelle said...

You are sooooooooooooo right! I was tempted to do an "inch by inch" update of my natural progress, and would "beat myself up" when a week or two would go by without me filling people in on just how my hair was doing. But then I realized a watched pot never boils, and I would never have any sort of life if I did a play by play of my transition. It's funny to look back and see just how my hair has progressed in this past year, almost seemingly without me knowing! I nowhere have as much length as you but if you had asked me this time last year if I ever thought I'd have seven inches of gloriously natural hair on my head by now I probably would have laughed out loud. There is much to be said about letting your hair do it's on "thang thang", especially when you look up one day and notice you've gone from short damaged strands to healthy full and long tresses in less time than you anticipated.

do you "thang thang" girl!