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Monday, July 14, 2008

Mint Condition(er): Finding "The One"

One of the most important decisions you'll make in your haircare routine will be the conditioner you choose for your hair. Conditioner plays a key role in combing and detangling, maintaining moisture, adding overall "life" to your hair, and keeping it in mint condition. Finding the right conditioner is often a matter of trial and error. When I first went natural, I can't tell you how many conditioners I tried and tossed before I found "the one" that worked. I felt unthinkable joy when I finally discovered V05 Extra Body Conditioner. It left my hair moisturized, nicely coated my hair, and allowed enough "slip" so that I could easily detangle. It was everything you could ask for in a conditioner and at only 99 cents a pop! I used it for 7 years until V05 did me dirty and switched up the formula, along with the packaging. Needless to say, it was a wrap!

My hair became so parched and dry. I looked high and low, desperately searching for a replacement. In every grocery, hair, and convenient store, I left no shelf unturned. I knew v05 would be hard to match, but it was important for me to find a conditioner without drying ingredients like dimethicone. I finally found Aura's Cherry Almond Bark Conditioner and I must admit, I am really satisfied. I think it might be the bootleg version of Aveda's line but it works!

PROS: No dimethicone. Great moisture. Great shine and slip. Not as thick but detangles better than any conditioner I have ever tried!

CONS: It costs over $11.00 a pop at Sally's Beauty Supply. Dang, Sally! You're really breakin my balls here! (That is, if I had balls... ok, enough about the balls, already!) Overall, this has been well worth the splurge!

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