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Sunday, July 13, 2008


Hey everybody! Thanks for stopping through and checking out my page! I've been itching to start my own blog for a while now. So today I've decided to start one on a topic that I love and know a little 'sumfin-sumfin' about- NATURAL HAIR!

All my life I've had a love/hate relationship with my thick, natural, kinky/curly/coily hair. I was so lost and just didn't know what to do with it or how to care for it. Aaaargh! I remember how frustrated I would gt at times. I used everything from the juicy, drippy Scary Curl (a.k.a. Jheri Curl) to the frighteningly addictive Creamy Crack (a.k.a. Perm) before I finally came to terms with the hair God had given me.

In June 2000, I finally stopped fighting my hair and started loving it. And in return, my hair started loving me back. I started out with a teeny weeny afro (TWA). With lots of TLC, my hair grew thicker, stronger, healthier, and longer than ever before. I am proof that natural hair can be fun, fly, fashionable, and can thrive at the same time. The first pic to the left shows the growth I was able to achieve.

But here's the "gotcha gotcha", though... **UPDATE** In September 2007, I got scissor happy and did the old chop-a-roo, mowing my hair down to a TWA again. To be honest, it wasn't even long enough to be considered a TWA. This second pic is right after that big chop. I'm currently in my 11th month (updated pics soon to come!). Now before you pass out, let me assure you that MY HAIR WILL GROW BACK! I am so confident in the knowledge I have gained about growing natural hair that I don't even sweat it. Through this blog, I will share with you all that I've learned and now we can even take this hair growing journey together. Happy Growing, Ladies!


jenteel said...

excellent blog!
the other night i spent some time here reading thru ur contributions
and i was thoroughly entertained :)

alot of good tips 4 newbies/veterans
and beautiful hair!

angelarose said...

I just read your entire blog and loved it! Love your sense of humor and I LEARNED so much! I've been natural since October 2007, and a huge fro is my goal. Currently sporting 12-ish inches of kinks and curls on my head and implementing some of your wisdom tonight by digging up a silky scarf ASAP!