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Sunday, February 22, 2009

So, You Wanna Be A Dreadlock Rasta?

I started this blog because I love talking hair and thought it would be cool to share my hair journey and all the products/techniques that have worked for me in my quest to grow long strong healthy hair. Not long ago I mentioned that I wash my hair every 2 months. I DO NOT, however recommend this to the average person. It works for me because I wet my hair and oil RELIGIOUSLY (to ensure maximum moisture (and if I do end up getting tangles (tangles... that's putting it lightly), I have the patience and the know-how to detangle and still have hair left on my head when I'm done. Be forewarned... you might not be so lucky. I'm just gonna keep it FUNKY with you. If you're not careful, you'll mess around and look like a dreadlock rasta by the end of month 2. And that's no joke, playa! Now ofcourse there's absolutely nothing wrong with rockin the "Rasta". But if that's not the look you're going for, here's my suggestion...just go as long as your hair can go (safely) WITHOUT matting or locking. It's different for everybody. For most, that will most likely be 2 weeks. 2 is a good number. The basis of this technique is to manipulate your hair as LITTLE as possible for as LONG as possible. I realize that I'm a little extreme with mine and wanted to clarify.

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