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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Shawty What YO Name Is?!

I'm sorry, ma'ne... I know this is a hair blog and all but sometimes a woman's gotta take time out to focus on what's really important in life... things like, ummm...say... this fine-arse piece of man candy I done spotted right chere! (Besides, all hair and no play makes LLL a very grumpy girl!) Anyhoo...I first noticed him when I went to see the movie N.O.T.O.R.I.O.U.S. The movie is not OSCAR material but this man's lips deserve some kind of award because DAMN... His soup coolers were lookin RIGHT! And then last night, I was watching the making of Ciara's video "Never Ever" and there he was... MY new "for-pretend" BOO (atleast for now till I find someone hotter! LOL! I'm such a naughty girl!) I was like, mmmm mmm mmmm...Shawty, what YO name is? Well, it's actor Kevin Phillips (former flame of Nia Long). He's mad sexy, talented, has adorable freckles, and seems like a positive brother from what I've read (Check out his interview with Essence mag!) And um, ladies, if you're still not sold, please peep his swag at exactly 2:40 into the Ciara video (Click here to see my boo in action!)... Need I say more?! Ok, now that I got my little man-candy fix for the day, I can get back to talking hair! tee hee hee

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