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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Nelly Upgraded: GRILL-FREE!

Just had to take time out to give props where its due. Nelly recently stepped out rockin the "grill-free" look. Talk about MAJOR upgrade! I don't know if it was Ashanti's "Good Good" or whatever the hell it might have been that brought Nelly to his senses.... It's just good to finally see him getting his grown man on! We can only pray others will be inspired and quickly follow suit. Grillz are played and they simply are NOT tha bid'ness! Jewelry on your teeth! I mean, Really?! That leads me to my next reader poll: Was it ever really sexy to rock grillz?


DeDe said...

Of all the blogs I have on my reader, yours is my favorite. I love your topics and writing style. Nothing seems forced and it's not super long or with some wacked out spelling (that mess is so hard to read).

Anyways back to the topic. It musta be the grillz removed that has me totally feeling Nelly's look lately. I never was really into him before. But now I am in awe of his sexy!! HOt!! I mean in the past his lame sing song rapping disturbed me. He had some nice tracks but there were some majorly iffy ones. And the fact that he wasn't as dark as I like my specimens and he just looked corny to me. Must have been the mouth!!

A metallic free mouth really can do wonders huh. Ya don't say?

Lovely Lady Luxe said...

Awww... thanx DeDe! You're a doll! ;)

starr said...

Could this man get any sexier? yum