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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Naughty Little Knot Balls!

I thought I'd take a little time out to vent about those friggin teeny tiny little knot balls that are so common in natural hair. They're irritating. They're annoying as all hell. And they're EVERYWHERE! Yes, somehow, someWAY they manage to invade your entire head of hair, just sitting there chillin on the ends of almost every strand. All you kinky-curly chicks know exactly what I'm talking about.

First off, if you get a knot on the end of your hair, it's curtains! It's OVA! Now, I'm not talking about clumps of hair, just the knot on one strand. The tiny knot cannot be undone and tends to weaken the strand in that particular spot. Whatever you do, don't try to save it for the sake of length. If you ignore it, It'll either snap by itself or worse, lead to more tiny knots on the same strand. I just choose to call it a wrap and cut the individual strand with a pair of scissors right at the knot.

Now before you get your blood pressure up, let me tell you the good news. All these funky little knots can be avoided! Firstly, wear protective hairstyles to protect your ends from harsh elements and drying air. Wear your hair out too much and your fro will soon become knot-ball heaven. Also, make sure to keep ends trimmed. Finally, Moisture! Moisture! Moisture! is KEY! When I give my hair AMPLE moisture, those naughty little knot balls are no more. It's only when I skip moisturizing, or get lazy and skip oiling my hair that the knots begin to invade again. I just try not to get caught slipping!


DeDe said...

The only thing that has prevented them in my hair is moisturizing, sealing,(every other night)and then rolling the ends (nightly). That way my hair is moisturized thoroughly and my ends stretched out to prevent them from curling up onto each other. I have serious shrinkage; brastrap length hair that can shrink up to ear length.

BoingBoing said...

Yea i have been having a problem with knots as well. Its sooo creepy! i get goose bumps all over just looking at them. Scary! I got them when i started wearing my hair out in a puff all the time and in loose pigtails. Now I have discovered banding and I am sticking to that.