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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Happy Hair Anniversary To Me!

I think I may have mentioned that my natural hair anniversary was about 1 month ago. My first big chop was way back in 2000. By 2007, I had grown waist length natural hair! Then last year on a whim, my fingers got itchy so I decided to grab a pair of scissors and do the big chop-a-rooni AGAIN on Aug. 23, 2007 (shown in the above pic). In this blog, I will be tracking my progress from time to time to show everyone how easy it is to maintain, care for, and grow out natural hair. All it takes is a lot of love and a little bit of time!

I wanted to make a post in celebration of my recent 1 year anniversary, but I was just too lazy to get the progress pics together. Well, I wanted to give you an update today. The update is that unfortunately I'm STILL just too lazy to get those progress pics together! LOL! No worries, though. Next week I'm going to hit you back with all the goodies. So stay tuned! In the meantime, don't forget to SUBSCRIBE if you haven't already! Happy Growing, Ladybugs!


DeDe said...

Are there any pix on your blog or that you could post of your 2000-2007 journey?

I don't know if I could big chop again. My first 5 years anniversary is this month. I have been on the grown ever since. I guess I'm too greedy to chop it down again, plus this took ALOT OF WORK!! And I am just now at brastrap length

Suesue said...

i think you should get those progress pics together !!!!!!!!!

i'm not sure if we have the same hair curl pattern but mine is tightly very very african tribal hair (as i call it) is it possible for it to grow to shoulder lenght without do you do it?