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Monday, September 1, 2008

I Love My Natural Hair!

I took these pics of my hair the other day. I unbraided a lock of my hair, and to my pleasant surprise, this is what I found! I'll admit, it's long overdue for a wash but still, I am absolutely pleased with its moisture, shine, and overall health!

Looking at these pics really made me think. Sometimes I get frustrated with my hair because I feel like it's not growing fast enough or I just can't seem to get it to curl, lay, or do what the hell I want it to do when the hell I want it to do it! I know some of you can relate. You may feel helpless because your hair is dry as a bone, your ends are covered with tiny knot balls, the front of your hair refuses to curl, you can't get a comb through it, and you're one more broken comb away from running back to the creamy crack! I know! I know! Believe me, I feel your pain!

But the truth is... no matter what, I ♥ my natural hair! And you should love yours too! Your hair may not be the length, color, texture, or the "whatever" you had hoped for, but your hair is YOU! It is yours and it's important to love yourself and your hair for all that it is... right here, right now... no matter where you are in your hair journey! You may not get it at this very moment, but someday soon, you will. For now, just let that one marinate! Until next time...Happy Growing, Ladies!

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Bsquared86 said...

AMEN to loving your hair for all that it is!