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Monday, September 1, 2008

6 Reasons Why It's Fly To Rock A Natural!

  • 1. Our hair is like no others'!
  • 2. It's fuss-free! Caring for our hair is easy-breezy once you learn the ropes!
  • 3. It's Stress-free! You can finally go to the gym and the pool without wilding out and being too afraid to mess up your 'do.
  • 4. No more long, annoying hair appointments, scheduled touch-ups, or fear that you'll go bald every time you get a relaxer.
  • 5. It's Flexible! You can flip the script, change it up, and rock it straight, curly, braided, or in countless other styles.
  • 6. It's Sucka-free! You are able to see and love yourself for who you really are. Everything they told us about our hair has been a lie. And now we know the truth... that Black hair is BEAUTIFUL hair!

1 comment:

max.fabulous said...

Hey girl I love your blog and thanks for stopping by mine!
I'm printing out this post and sticking it up on my mirror to help me learn to love my natural hair...I'm trying to break my addiction to the Chi and it's a daily struggle.