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Monday, August 11, 2008

Hair Tip-a-roo: Combing It Out!

I Never NEVER EVER "dry comb" my hair! Yeah, so, Ummm... did I mention NEVER? This means that I NEVER nebber ebber comb out my hair unless it is thickly coated with conditioner. This allows enough "slip" so that your wide-tooth comb can easily slip, slide, and glide through those beautiful curls and kinks without pulling, tangling, or damaging them. Go ahead and try it! No doubt, this is sure to make your weekly wash-outs a breeze!

This pic (above) was taken during Month 10 of
My Natural Hair Journey. Right now I'm on Month 12 and at the end of this month, I'll be celebrating my 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY since the big chop-a-roo! WOOOOOHOOOOO! I took this pic right after a good wash/comb/trim. I still have conditioner in my hair. It hasn't even been a year yet and I have experienced pretty good growth. You can't tell with all the shrinkage, but if you stretch a strand of my hair straight out, it's about 3 times as long as what you see here. The back and sides of my hair have the loosest curl pattern and I have tight curls poppin off on the top and in the front. The curls don't really show as much in this pic because I had just combed them out (although you can kinda see them in the back). I'll have more pics for my 1 year anniversary update. Anyhoo, I just ♥ my natural hair!

Click the picture above to see a larger view!


Pajnstl said...

this october will be 2yrs since i've been natural... although i messed my hair up last month adding color.
Anywhoo.. Way to grow it out!


Beautifully.Conjured.Up said...

Nice growth!

I put some two strand twists in my hair today, and it seemed like it took forever. Don't get me wrong, I'm loving the fact that my hair is growing, but my hair is sooooooo fun at all.

Amina said...

thank you for the entry on combing hair :)
congrats on your soon 1 year nappiversary