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Monday, August 11, 2008

Boys to Men: Bow Wow, Romeo, Trey Songz

Fellas, let me holla at you for a sec! If you would be so kind to answer this one question... Why? Why, Oh Dear Lord, why, do you insist on desperately clinging to those old tired, outdated, ate-up, busted, and broke-down braids? I'm talking about those fuzzy-arse braids with the raggedy ends and lint balls stuck in them because for the past 2 weeks you couldn't get a hold of your girl Niecy from up the "skreet" who usually hooks it up and braids it for you! Paa-LEASE! STOP. THE. MADNESS. This day, I join hands with thousands of sistas across the nation who have this one common plea... Brothas, please! We beg of thee! Just chop that raggedy mess off!

I've always wondered why the fellas just refuse to let go! Just like women transitioning from permed to natural, I guess men also go through a "transition" of sorts. It's a scary, intimidating thing, venturing into the unknown. But sooner or later, when they're ready and the time is right, they find the cojones/the moxy/the balls to take the leap and just go for the BIG CHOP-A-ROO! (Click to see Lovely Lady Luxe's BIG CHOP-A-ROO!)

Brothas like Bow Wow, Romeo (just look at the pic, he ain't "lil" anymore!), Trey Songz, Ludacris, and Xzibit have recently made that switch from braided to buzzed, and ultimately, what I like to call, from "Boys to Men"! Who knew a simple haircut could upgrade your swag game instantaneously! Ladies, They deserve a round of applause! Or better yet, can I get a WHOOOP WHOOOP!? I am so very proud of each and every one of them!

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thelady said...

I hate when guys have long hair, they all look so fine without it.