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Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Power of Poo

Some naturals prefer to cut shampoo completely out of their hair regimen (a.k.a "no-poo"). They find poo-ing extremely drying and unnecessary, therefore, eliminating it from their routine. Although I do understand the reasoning for doing so, I currently choose to include it in mine. Because I saturate my hair with so much oil, shampoo is the only way to remove it so that I don't accumulate buildup. Buildup can weigh down the hair, gives it a dull appearance, and makes it look like...well, let's just say, another kind of poo! After a good shampoo, my hair is clean, light, and shiny again! Also, I don't shampoo often so I'm not really concerned about the "drying effect" it can sometimes have.

Since shampoo does tend to dry out hair, it is really important to choose one that isn't so harsh. Here's how you can tell if it is or not. Shampoo your hair and then wash it out. Immediately feel your hair. Your hair should not feel like a big bundle of rough, dry straw. If it does, go get your money back and start looking for a new shampoo ASAP. Like finding a great conditioner, searching for a gentle shampoo can also be a matter of trial and error. But hang in there! Taking the time to find the right one is well worth it.

I currently use V05 Split Ends Shampoo with Panthenol. This shampoo formula, like my favorite V05 conditioner I told you about, has been discontinued, reformulated, and repackaged. I was devastated! The new one does not work for me at all. Lucky for me, though, I found a store that had some of the original formula on clearance. In utter desperation, I bought the whole shelf! So now I have a little more time before I'll have to go 'poo shopping again.

Here's the key to poo-ing:

  • find a gentle shampoo
  • don't shampoo too often
  • focus on poo-ing the scalp to prevent dryness
  • as you rinse, let the suds clean the length of the hair
  • ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS follow with conditioner


G said...

I recently started shampooing again and my hair is doing much better. Like you said, the key is finding a shampoo that isn't harsh. Thanks for the heads up on the V05 Split Ends shampoo. Need to see if I can find it in my neck of the woods.

Jewelry Rockstar said...

I've been natural for years excluding one eight month period of run back to relaxer madness. Anyway, I have never ever (nebber ebber as you would say), think of not shampooing. What were they using instead??? Anyway, I can relate to buying a whole shelf off, I was that way about a TCB natural gel moisturizer. I finally bought out the city, now i make my own natural oil blend. It has done wonders for my hair and my daughters' hair. Plus I leave any moisturizing conditioner in my hair.

Lovely Lady Luxe said...

Jewelry Rockstar- Hey girl, thanx for stopping by LLL! Yeah, some people skip the 'poo and do what they call a "co-wash" a.k.a. a conditioner wash (using conditioner only) to "clean" and moisturize the hair. I tried it but it just wasn't for me. :(