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Monday, July 14, 2008

Janelle from MTV's The Real World Needs A Pot of Hot Grits! ASAP!

If you are a reality tv junkie, like myself, then you probably couldn't peel your eyeballs away from the tv screen during this season of MTV's Real World: Hollywood. Last week's finale promised non-stop scandal and it certainly didn't disappoint. Even though Janelle was on The Real World: Key West a few years back, her and her beautiful, curly, sun-kissed ringlets made a couple recent appearances as Will's girlfriend on this latest season. Don't you just LOVE her hair? She has perfect curl formation and I've never see it dry or frizzy. I like how she switches up the color, too. I've seen her rock everything from honey blonde to several chocolate hues.

Now, initially this post was suppose to be about Janelle's luscious locks. But instead I feel compelled to address Will's stankish, scheming, and scandalous ways. Those of you that keep up with the show know exactly what I'm talking about! Did any of you peep how shiesty this cat was on the show? See ladies, this is why you got to keep Al Green's ex-wife on speed dial, so she can come throw a pot of hot grits on your man when he ain't acting right! Nothing will rehabilitate a cheating man like the fear of hot grits burning the crack of his naked, cheating behind! (lol! Just kidding, I in no way advocate violence... but "hot grits"... that's some funny *ish). Anyhoo, for all of you who missed it, this is how it all went down... Will cheated on Janelle with one of his roommates, cheated AGAIN (but this time he made it a foursome), admitted to crying fake crocodile tears to get her back, and then moved into her house after the show was over without ever spilling the beans. Can you believe Janelle didn't even find out what went down until AFTER seeing the show air on MTV with the rest of the shows' millions of viewers!? Ladies, please take a long, hard look at this gutta-butt heathen. Keep your running shoes in your Louis Vuitton bag! If you ever see him coming, you better "Flo-Jo" it and don't look back! I just have one word for this boy. TRIFLING! Janelle, you and your hair are TOO FLY for that foolishness!


Beautifully.Conjured.Up said...

LMAO...I have had some "hot grits" situations before!!

Keimei said...

Yeah girl I saw that show and couldn't believe it. He is soooo trifling. I love her hair too. I'm transitioning to natural 3 months in right now. Wish me luck.