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Friday, April 2, 2010

Erykah Badu: Hot Tress or Hot Mess?

See this picture? This is exactly what my ass looked like for atleast a month after I found out my ex-boyfriend was cheating on me. Just plain crazy and deranged. Heartbreak. That was my excuse. Now Erykah, what's yours boo boo? Who did it, girl? Who did it?! Please talk to mama!

First she's running around "buckit naked" in her new video and now this? I'm trying to focus on the hair... trying to make sense of it all... and... ummmm...quite frankly, I'm confused. Are those braids, locs, or twists? A combo of all three? Is that a weave? God forbid, a lacefront?!! Damn. Damn. I'm just at a lost. (**blank stares**)... On the other hand tho, a part of me kinda likes it just b/c I like her. You can always count on Ms. Badu to keep you on your toes creatively/artistically! So, what do you think?


Seygra20 said...
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Marianne said...

She's a very beautiful woman,and I think thick country-type braids would look great on her, because she has a feminine face. But this hairdo looks like she started on them and gave up halfway.