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Friday, January 30, 2009

Long-Haired Woman Does The Big Chop-a-rooni... Straight Gangsta!!

Here's a little inspiration for those of you who are afraid to do the big-chop-a-roo. This lady has some of the longest, thickest, strongest, healthiest, substitute-your-own-word-iest hair I've seen and she is just choppin that *ish off...BALD... like it ain't nothing but a chicken wang! I mean, she just got real GANGSTA wit it and cut it off like "WHAT, batches!!!? LOL! I'm impressed! You can check her out on along with a couple other super duper long-haired chicks (with pics) doing the big shave-a-roo. Just curious though... Why is she doing this? I suppose that's the same question my fam and friends asked me when I last did the big chop-a-rooni but hey... I guess we all have our own reasons. It's just weird seeing someone else do it, I guess. I kinda like it though. Fearless. That's how we all should be! Why did you do the big chop-a-rooni? What gave you the moxie to do it?


DeDe said...

Well dang. Shaving, I don't think I could do it.

I big chopped because I was ready to be rid of my relaxed ends and to see my natural hair in all its glory. It was a Saturday afternoon and I had just cowashed. I was going to do my usual transition style (I forget what it was). I just grabbed my spankin new scissors that I had picked up for whenever I was ready, and went to work. Never looked back!!

Lovely Lady Luxe said...

@ DeDe- That's kinda how my big chop went down. :)