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Monday, October 13, 2008

Jada Pinkett's Mullet Wig: Hot Tress OR Hot Mess?

You may remember about a month or so ago when the ever-so-fab Jada Pinkett-Smith pulled a fast one and came out rockin this not-so-fab mullet wig. Like many of you, I was confused and rendered speechless. I mean... Jada... you... but... how... Just WHY JADA, WHY?????!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dayummm, girl! She's so perty and I keep trying to look past the wig or atleast pretend that she's not wearing what resembles a rabid dead animal on her head but it's just so not working. Now, I believe in taking fashion risks. It's ok to get a little crazy with it, but don't be deranged! Sorry Jada! You know I love you like a play cousin! But I'm gonna have to leave this to my fellow LLL readers to decide. What do you think?


jade said...

thank you for the birthday wishes!

nice blog you have here, i'll definitely be checkin you out on the regular.

peace. love. light.

Lotus said...

Mullets are what accidentally happen when your hairdresser calls in sick, or your 2 year-old finds the siccors while your sleeping. You don't go out and SEEK out this look. At least not unless your a punk rocker or a mid-western, honky-tonk Palin supporter. Shame on Jada.

Laquita said...

Lol@Lotus :o)

Black girl with long hair said...

this is a MESS, lol... although jada's sense of fashion is usually on point

Tommy Buettner said...

Jada, you are such a hottie!!! Why would you go for a trailer park trash hairstyle??