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Monday, October 27, 2008

Hair Poll: Hair Haters (Part 1)

No matter how secure you are in your decision to go natural, there will always be some old raggedy trolls there to throw shade on your natural hair game. We refer to them as "hair haters". There are many forms of hair hateration but I'll discuss the first type in this post (labeled Part 1).

Now, I'm sure many can relate and have experienced hair hateration on many different levels. It may manifest in the form of a rude stare or an insulting comment ("What are you going to do with THAT hair?"). And surprisingly, family, friends, and those closest to you (the ones you'd expect to be the most supportive) are usually the worst offenders. The funny thing is, the 1st ones to discourage me after my big chop were the 1st ones "ooohing" and "awwwing" and smiling up in my face after my kinky curls had reached waist length. Little did they know that these were the same exact kinks and curls that I had had from the beginning (only longer in length). Although it can be frustrating and discouraging at times, I guess you really just have to learn to brush your shoulders off. This is the time when you learn to hold your head high... to love your hair and yourself, even when others don't feel the same. I'm interested to know what your experiences have been.


DeDe said...

Offline I have gotten rude stares and snide remarks or plain ol' nasty comments hurled at me about my hair. It's 4a but doesn't necessarily show its pen spring curls all the time. Plus it's coarse. I noticed online, on hair boards and sites, that people rarely gave me compliments or even looked my way. When it got long is when I started getting compliments. But it's never about how much they love the texture, they just like the thickness and bigness of it all. Someone with 3c (which I think the only difference in 3c and 4a hair is coarseness) would get way more compliments on their hair than I would.

I guess my hair isn't soft enough or showing enough curls for it to be adored and slobbered over. Oh well. Luckily I love it.

lovelyti said...

was up miss lady thanks for stopping through my page,
i love your blog!
i have finally decided to transition i want to leave creamy crack alone lol i only relaxed twice a year anyway so what's going a whole year with out it, going to hurt me!
i saw how long your hair was it was beautiful, did you do a big chop from jump or did your transition?

Lovely Lady Luxe said...

@ Dede- Please tell them haters to FALL BACK! You're absolutely right, girl. As long as you love it, that's all that matters! Whether my hair is short or long, whether others hate it or love it... if someone has something to say (good or bad) I just politely smile and keep it moving.

Lovely Lady Luxe said...

@ lovelyti- No transition... I did the big chop from jump.
So you've just started transitioning? It can be rough but... be strong, sista, be strong! You can do it! I'm here if you have any questions or need support! :)

thelady said...

No one has said anything negative about my hair. I live in a predominately white area so occasionally someone will look at me funny, especially when my hair is twisted. Someone asked if they could touch my hair (friend of a friend) and I said no. Black friends/relatives say they'd be scared to chop their hair off and go natural cause their hair is too thick, or their head too funny shaped for short hair, or they are tender headed, or it is too high maintenance. Just a lot of excuses to justify their fear of their natural hair.