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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Keri Hilson: Hot Tress OR Hot Mess?

Keri Hilson's ate up mushroom wig.

Ms. Pearl from the show "227".

Lawd HAMmercy! Singer/songwriter Keri Hilson has been rockin this wig for a minute now! I am so confused by this! She is such a beautiful, talented girl! That's why I can't understand why she insists on wearing this old ate up mushroom joint! It looks like she stole Ms. Pearls wig from 227! Now I'm not going to front. I also have a wig that looks like I might have borrowed it from Ms. Pearl but I only wear that from time to time out of desperation, convenience, and/or sheer laziness (while I'm growing my hair out). Keri, you're suppose to be a STAR, girl! It's time to up your hair game, for real! I can't knock the girl for trying to do something different. But I just don't know about this one, yawl! You be the judge. Is she rockin hot tresses? Or is it just one hot funky mess?

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